John Vooijs is a Dutch musical actor, singer and voice actor who has performed in the musicals Tarzan and Joseph, as well as the role of Sky in the musical Mamma Mia! John was also featured as Galileo in the musical We Will Rock You. In 2016, Vooijs participated in The Voice of Holland as a member of the Guus Meeuwis team and released his own single Fight The Fire which reached number one in the iTunes Rock Charts.

John Vooijs provided background vocals for the National Song Contest, 100 years of Circus Theater and the Crème de la Crème Festival. He took part in various musical-talent hunt programs that earned him roles in musicals. Since April 2019 he has been the lead in Paramour the Cirque du Soleil musical in Hamburg, Germany.


Sarah Bright was born in El Paso, Texas. She plays piano, guitar and ukulele and began writing country music songs at the age of 12. Her father was in the air force and her mother was a dance instructor who introduced Sarah and her two sisters to line dance at an early age. She is not just a great country singer, she is also a line dance champion and choreographer and has won prizes in that field.

After she came to Germany with her family at the age of 14, she finished high school and underwent professional voice training as a performer in musicals, with acting and dance instruction at the Stage School and the StageArt Musical School, both located in Hamburg, Germany.

She brings both engagement and a vibrant stage personality with her. An album is now being prepared by producer Boris Ehlers.

Danny Antonelli wrote lyrics and/or music for number one records in Portugal and France and Belgium and worked as a lyricist with pop and metal bands behind the scenes in the studio, doing this work in Germany, in English, thus giving many German artists access to the wider international market.

He performed live with the Americana Country band Mustang Ranch at the legendary Indra club in Hamburg as well as other German venues.

He continues to write both country and rock and blues songs for himself and other artists.